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Conquest Miniatures - Age of Joman (25mm)

This range was sculpted by Bryan Ansell, before he formed Asgard Miniatures. I don't know whether this was a complete list, so let me know if you know of any others.

AJ1 Goblin Chief
AJ2 Goblin with Scimitar & Shield
AJ3 Goblin Archer
AJ4 Lesser Goblin with Club & Shield
AJ5 Hobgoblin Halbardier
AJ6 Goblin Standard Bearer
AJ7 Goblin with War Trumpet
AJ8 Goblin of Death's Head Regiment
AJ9 Lesser Goblin Slinger
AJ10 Lesser Goblin with Javelin
AJ20 Dwarf with 2-headed Axe
AJ21 Dwarf with Crossbow
AJ22 Dwarf with Sword & Shield
AJ23 Dwarf Leader with Battle Hammer
AJ24 Dwarf Leader
AJ25 Dwarf Standard Bearer
AJ26 Dwarf Musician
AJ27 Dwarf Spearman
AJ41 Elf Armoured Spearman
AJ42 Elf Archer
AJ43 Elf Wizard
AJ44 Elf Light Javelinman
Fantasy Specials
AJS1 Ogre
AJS2 Zombie
AJS3 Demon of the Ring
AJS4 Vampire
AJS5 Wolf of Sitar
AJS6 Emmissary of Darkness
AJS7 Minotaur
AJS8 Warrior Bard
AJS9 Hierophant (High Priest)
AJS10 Mounted Emmissary of Darkness
AJS11 Hunchback Wizard
AJS12 Great Troll

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