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Heroes Miniatures

The Nightmare World Of Gothic Horror
Monsterous Evil, & Adventure Figures (August 1985)

GH1 Adventurer w/holstered pistol
GH2 Adventurer with hat and leather jacket
GH3 Adventurer in suit
GH4 Professor
GH5 Female Adventurer
GH6 Henchman
GH7 German Stormtrooper
GH8 Animated Corpse
GH9 Cloaked Figure
GH10 Nude Female
GH11 Masked Martial Arts Warrior
GH12 Apeman
GH13 Vampire
GH14 Female Vampire
GH15 Wolfman
GH16 Werewolf
GH17 Ghost
GH18 Wolf
GH19 Deamon
GH20 Ghoul
GH21 Insection
GH22 SkyLord
GH23 Sea Devil
GH24 Snake Lord
GH25 Lizard Lord w/sword
GH26 Amorphic Horror
GH27 Snake Man w/spear
GH28 Winged Madness
GH29 Tentacled Terror
GH30 The Transformation
GH31 Scientist
GH32 Female in Coat
GH33 Female in evening wear
GH34 Priest
GH35 Male adv. in jumper
GH36 Female in Long Dress
GH37 Man made monster
GH38 Masked henchman firing pistol
GH39 Masked henchman w/rifle
GH40 Heroic Aviator
GH41 Evil Master
GH42 Anti-hero
GH43 High Priest
GH44 Female follower dancing
GH45 Follower
GH46 Sacrificial Slab
GH47 Victim
GH48 Alien Take-Over
GH49 Female Alien Vampire
GH50 The Ultimate Horror

List courtesy of James Humphries

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