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Formed by Ally and Trish Morrison. They set up as a separate company in 1988, announced in WD106. The exact reason for forming a separate company is unclear, but may may been to establish multiple brands, or to keep personalities apart!

Their miniatures were cast and distributed by Citadel alongside the normal Citadel ranges, although at one time they were using the Wargames Foundry facilities. Later miniatures were also designed by Colin Dixon. They were reabsorbed back into the main Citadel ranges in 1993, about the same time that the 4th edition of Warhammer was launched. The last distinct Marauder advert is in WD152, after that they are shown in the normal White Dwarf catalog section. They continue to be listed in the catalogs as Marauder Miniatures until the 1994 catalog, and miniatures marked on the tab as Marauder continued to appear for several years. Only the miniatures that appeared in Marauder packaging are listed here, with a couple of exceptions.

The Marauder codes varied a bit over the the life of their production. Several of the MB codes were revised into the MM series and some of the minor codings (MMxx/nn) were revised.

Warhammer Blisters
MM10 - Dwarves
MM11 - Dwarf Command
MM12 - Dwarf Organ Gun
MM13 - Dwarf Siege Gun
MM14 - Dwarf Swivel Gun
MM15 - Dwarf Warriors
MM15 - Dwarf Clansmen
MM15 - Dwarf Crossbowmen
MM16/1 - Dwarf Giant Slayers
MM16/2 - Dwarf Troll Slayers
MM16/3 - Dwarf Ironbreakers
MM16/4 - Dwarf Longbeards
MM16/5 - Dwarf Hammerers
MM16/6 - Dwarf Thunderers
MM17 - Norse Dwarfs
Dragon Slayer (*)
Demon Slayer (*)
Dwarf Miners (*)
Orcs & Goblins
MM20 - Orcs
MM21 - Orc Command
MM22 - Orc Boar Riders
MM23 - Mounted Orc & Goblin Generals
MM24 - Orc Boar Riders
MM25 - Orc Warriors
MM27 - Giant Black Orcs
MM28 - Orc Stone Thrower
MM30 - Goblins
MM32 - Goblin Wolf Riders
MM33 - Goblin Chariot
MM34 - Goblin Wolf Riders
MM35 - Goblin Heroes on Giant Spiders
MM36 - Snotlings
Goblin Wolf Boyz (*)
MM40 - Trolls
MM41 - Ogres
MS4 - Ogre Hero
MM42 - Ogres
MM42 - Minotaurs
MM43 - War Griffon
MM43 - Chaos Champion on War Griffon
MM44/1 - Cockatrice
MM44/2 - Chimera
MM44/3 - Manticore
MM46 - Minotaurs
MM46 - Minotaur Lord
MM47 - Giant Ogres
MM49 - Hydra
MM50 - Skeletons
MM51 - Undead Characters
MM52 - Carrion
MM60 - Fighters
MM61 - Fighter Command
MM62 - Citizens
MM64 - Halfling Militia
MM65/1 - Heroes of the Empire - Reiksguard
MM65/2 - Heroes of the Empire - Flagellants
MM66 - Mounted Reiksguard Knights
Emperor Karl Franz riding Deathwing (*)
Dark Elves
MM70 - Dark Elves
MM71 - Doomdrakes - Dark Elf Cold One Riders
MM72 - Doomsteeds - Dark Elf Cavalry
MM73/1 - Witch Elves
MM73/3 - Dark Elf Whelpmaster & Warhounds
MM73/5 - Dark Elf Scouts
MM73/5 - Dark Elf Assassins
Wood, High & Sea Elves
MM80 - Wood Elves
MM81 - High Elves
MM82 - Sea Elves
MM83 - High Elf Mage on Unicorn
High Elf Command (*)
High Elf Swordmasters (*)
High Elf Shadow Warrriors (*)
High Elf White Lions (*)
High Elf Reaver Knights (*)
MM90 - Chaos Dwarves
MM91 - Chaos Warriors
MM92 - Mounted Chaos Warriors
MM93 - Chaos Beastmaster + Hounds
MM94/1 - Chaos Centaur Lord
MM94/2 - Chaos Centaur
MM95/1 - Greater Demon of Khorne
MM95/2 - Greater Demon of Tzeentch
MM96 - Dragon Ogre
MM97 - Chaos Beastmen
MM98 - Hippogriff
Stormvermin (*)
Plague Monks (*)
Plague Censer Bearers (*)

* = was not released in Marauder, but in standard Warhammer packaging

Warhammer 40,000 Blisters

Space Orks
MM100 - Space Ork Boyz
MM110 - Confrontation Gangs
(unreleased except at Games Day US 1991)

Warhammer Boxed Sets

Boxed Sets
MB1 - Dwarf Regiment
MB2 - Orc Regiment
MB3 - Dark Elf Regiment
MB4 - Goblin Regiment
MB5 - Marauder Dragon
MB6 - Orc Battle Chariot
MB7 - Marauder Giant
MB8 - Orc War Wyvern
MB9 - Beastman Regiment
MB10 - Chaos Thug Regiment
MB11 - War Hydra
MB12 - Giant Ogres
MB13 - Dragon Ogre
MB14 - Treemen
MB15 - Imperial Hero and Pegasus
MB16 - Giant War Eagle and High Elf Lord
MB17 - High Elf Dragonlord
Orc Shaman riding War Wyvern (*)
High Elf War Griffon (*)
Army Deals
MA1 - Dark Elf Army
MA2 - Orc and Goblin Army
MA3 - Dwarf Army
MA4 - Chaos Army
MA5 - Undead Allied Contingent
MA6 - Dark Elf Cavalry
MA7 - Goblin Raiders
MA8 - Orc Warband
MA9 - Orc Hard Boyz
MA10 - Dwarf Army Expansion
Marauder Extras
Marauder Shields
Marauder Catalogs
Marauder Catalog
1992 Citadel Catalog Marauder section
Marauder Mail Order Flyers
November 1998
January 1989
Spring 1989

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