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PD1 Egyptian Sarcophagus - removal lid and mummy plus 2 concealed drawers in base and 6 small tablets
PD2 Giant dungeon burrower
PD3 Creature from the Dungeon well
PD4 The Ripper of Skull Dungeon
PD5 The giant dungeon keeper 'Janus'
PD6 'Gark' the devourer of dwarves
PD7 The Rampaging Man Creature
PD8 Hangist the enchanted winged dragon
PD9 Small winged scorpion dragon
PD10 Dungeon crawlers
PD11 Pack of 3 acid spitters
PD12 Empty coffin with lid
PD13 3 Talismans - Uzet-Eye of Horus, Winged Scarb and Fatima's Hand
PD14 3 circular embossed shields
PD15 Treasure pack 1
PD16 Treasure pack 2
PD17 4 coffin-shaped shields
PD18 Pack of books and scrolls
PD19 6 different swords
PD20 6 different battle-axes
PD21 3 large 2-handed swords
PD22 6 different daggers
PD23 Pack of human remains (12 pieces)
PD24 Large surprise treasure chest with removable lid. Comes with treasure and monster
PD25 8 human skulls
PD26 Amabus - Giant-warrior type monster
PD27 Naked female voodoo dancer
PD28 Voodoo magicians set
PD29 King Arthur's ornate throne
PD30 Seated figure of King Arthur for PD29
PD31 Newly hatched baby Gore Monster
PD32 3 flute-faced, blood-sucking Dungeon Lizards
PD33 'Gunmoil' the dwarf-armourer at work
PD34 Stand of dwarf arms and armour
PD35 'Cobnir' dwarven decorator of arms - polishing a shield
PD36 The Evil Dead
PD37 Gallows set
PD38 Set of 2 large Urns with removable lids - comes with 3 figures and treasure to place inside
PD39 Old Alchemist at work
PD40 Beautiful Nude Princess reclining on ornate couch with hubbly-bubbly pipe and parrots on perch
PD41 Wolf Maiden
PD42 Weapons Pack
PD43 The Pendal Demon. Ugly creature 40mm high lurking on pile of human remains
PD44 Jack in irons - Cornish giants decorated with chains and heads of his victims
PD45 The Devil
PD46 Large rampaging Wolfman
PD47 The Dungeon Wanderer - Misshapen man covered in Octopus-type suckers - 30mm
PD48 Medieval hunchback
PD49 Barbarian Hero pack - 4 figures
PD50 Medieval Knights pack - 4 figures
PD51 Warriors of the Undead - 4 figures
PD52 Resurrection set - 3 decomposed bodies rising from the slime
PD53 The Creature from the Shadows
PD54 Set piece of 3 Demons emerging from a bubbling mire
PD55 Dungeon lurker - creature of great strength - 30mm
PD56 Dungeons scuttlers - pack of 2
PD57 Giant pincer-tailed Silverfish - pack of 2
PD58 SPECIAL VALUE PACK. 6 different creepy-crawly lowlife
PD59 Armoured Dungeon Stalker - scaled monster - 50mm
PD60 Giant Pincer-mouthed Grub
PD61 The Sorceress - semi-nude woman on a Weird rock pinnacle in the process of up the horrors of hell. Overall height 60mm - ideal for use with PD51 and PD53 or most of the nasties
PD62 Catacomb Case. Set consists of 2 removable ends, one end has a skull and crossbones on it, the other end a demon's head. Once one end has been removed a draw can be extracted inside which can be placed treasure, human remains, magic books and spells or any of the smaller monsters. Any number can be added together to construct walls of crypts
PD63 Female barbarians - 4 figures
PD64 Harem Girls - Set of 4 erotic girls in different poses
PD65 Slave Girl set - Set of 4 different naked slave girls
PD66 Giant Snotgurgle Monster - 40mm
PD67 Troll Witch - ugly misshapen hag
PD68 Pack of 4 Orcs, Set contains 4 different Orcs, 4 shields and an assortment of weapons. swords, axes and battle hammers
PD69 Pack of 4 Bat Winged Warriors. Set contains 4 different Warriors, 4 shields, 3 swords and 3 battle axes
PD70 Pack of 8 decapitated Human heads
PD71 Thorfin, the young Treasure Dragon, 90mm long with bat-type wings and pile of treasure

List contributed by David Wood, additions by Tom Beyer.

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