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Tabletop Miniatures

Tabletop were one of the Nottingham lead belt companies and inherited many of the Asgard moulds. They also were the UK presence for Metal Magic. They also had their own ranges, both 15mm & 25mm.

They later moved from Nottingham to South Wales.

Adventurers and Star Soldiers
100 Law Officer + Pistol 12p
101 Law Officer + Riot Gun 12p
102 Officer on Partol Bike 30p
102a Patrol Bike only 25p
103 Adventurer+ Pistol 12p
104 Heroine + Pistol 12p
105 Hero + Sword & Pistol 12p
106 Adventurer + Rifle 12p
107 Thug + Club 12p
108 Thug + Knife 12p
109 Thug + Pistol 12p
110 Civilvian Standing 12p
110a Civilian Walking 12p
111 Female Civilian 12p
112 Adventurer in Lt. Armour 12p
113 Adventurer + 2 Pistols 12p
114 Adventurer + Laser Pistol 12p
115 Adventurer + Launcher 12p
116 Officer in Riot Gear 12p
117 Officer Dog Handler 12p
118 Guard Dog 12p
119 Law Officer vehicle crewman/Gunner standing 12p
120 As above Sitting 12p
121 Adventurer in Mesh Armour 12p
122 Adventurer + Supt. Boltgun 12p
123 Sentinel Law Officer 12p
124 Female Sentinel Officer 12p
Starship Crews
200 Starship Crewman 12p
201 Merchant 12p
202 Space Scout 12p
203 Spacesuited Figure 12p
204 Starship Officer 12p
205 Spaceman + Pistol 12p
206 Spaceman + Rifle 12p
207 Jetbike & Rider 30p
207a Jetbike only 25p
Imperial Troopers
300 with Bolt Gun 12p
301 with heavy Bolt Gun 12p
302 Black Guard Trooper 12p
303 Black Guard Officer 12p
304 Officer 12p
305 Senior Officer 12p
306 with Grenade Launder 12p
307 with Conv. Beam Projector 12p
308 with Rapid Fire Bolt Gun 12p
309 in Power Armour 15p
310 Dreadnought Armour 20p
311 Assault Droid 25p
312 Crewman Standing 12p
313 Crewman Sitting 12p
314 In Power Armour with Support Bolt Gun 15p
315 In Power Armour with Plasma Gun 15p
316 Imperial Combat Scout + Heavy Bolt Gun 12p
317 Fast Scout Bike 40p
318 Scout bike only 30p
319 Scout + Conv. Beam 12p
320 Scout + Launcher 12p
321 Assault Scout 15p
322 Guard + Power Armour 15p
Redemptionist Forces
400 with Force Sword & Pistol 12p
401 with Laser Rifle 12p
402 Warrior Lord 12p
403 with Flame Thrower 12p
404 with Missile Lancher 12p
405 with Auto-Laser 12p
406 with Heavy Laser 12p
407 Warrior Lord + Power Axe 12p
408 Trike with 2 Crew 60p
408a Trike only 35p
409 Trike Gunner Only 12p
410 Command Trike 60p
411 Warrior Lord Sun Gun 15p
412 Crewman Standing 12p
413 Crewman Seated 12p
414 Crewman Seated + Rifle 12p
415 Skimmer + 2 Crew 1.00
416 Skimmer + 3 Crew & Heavy Weapon 1.15
417 Disciple + Armour 15p
500 Officer with Pistol 12p
501 with Assault Rifle 12p
502 with Machine Gun 12p
503 with SMG 12p
504 Auto-Laser & Jetpack 12p
505 Dreadnought Armour 25p
506 Power Armour 20p


FR1 Launcher & Rifle 15p
FR2 with Bolt Gun 15p
FR3 in Power Armour 15p
FR4 Gunner 15p
FR5 Officer with Scanner 15p
FR6 Heavy Laser Cannon 25p
SZ1 Leader + Laser Pistol 15p
SZ2 + Heavy Bolt Rifle 15p
SZ3 with Launcher 15p
SZ4 Warbird 35p
SZ5 Rider for Warbird 15p
TH1 with Assault Laser 50p
TH2 in Partial Armour 50p
TH3 Bounty Hunter 50p
MR1 Projector 35p
MR2 Heavy Bolt Rifle 35p
MR3 Pistol & Shield 35p
CE1 launcher 35p
CE2 Force Stic & Shield 35p
CE3 Rifle 35p
VR1 with Gyro Pistol 45p
VR2 with Assault Laser 45p
General Alien Figures
GA1 Baboon Mutant + Carbine 12p
GA2a Elite Deamon Warrior 30p
GA2b Deamon Warrior 30p
GA4 Furback 30p
GA5 Zodite Deamon 12p
GA6 Naked Barbarian 12p
GA7a Ert Inf. with Launcher 12p
GA7b Ert Inf. with Rifle 12p
GA7c Ert Inf. with Projector 12p
GA8a Smat Elite Raider with Heavy Assault Rifle 12p
GA8b Smat in Armour with projector 12p
GA9 Anog Inf. with Rifle 12p
GA10 Shantek Cyborg with Sungun and Launcher 12p
GA11 Nixecon Mercenary with Auto Laser 12p
GA12 Snave with Rifle 50p
GA13 Kron with Heavy Assault Rifle 50p
GA14 Alien 30p

List courtesy of Glenn E. Myers.

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